What’s In A Palestinian Flag?

An emotional debate over the presence of a Palestinian flag in a stadium drew me in. Dundalk Football Club from Ireland, with a capacity of 4,500, recently made the headlines featuring European football watchdog – UEFA. On July 17th, in their Europa League qualifier loss against Hajduk Split,…

To Boycott Or Not To Boycott!

Re-posting this due to repeated deletes: There seems to be an indisputable mix-up regarding Israeli football from an Arab/Muslim perspective. The dialogue surrounding this issue has generally been airy and indifferent. The entire Muslim community and presumably certain human rights activists had been calling for the boycott of…

Santana taps in the ball in the dying minutes.

The Two Minutes That Malaga Will Rue

I had scripted this article in my head. It was going to be called ‘hit and run’. The Mallorca application had been brilliant. Manuel Pellegrino had dealt with his immense personal pain and brought a Malaga team that has been performing more than it’s worth the past two…