U-17 World Cup


Can India Make It To The 2018 World Cup?

Legend has it that India blew the chance to place itself on the global football map by withdrawing from the 1950 World Cup (then called the Jules Rimmet Cup) for its unsuccessful attempt at challenging FIFA’s ruling against barefoot players. While some suggest this to be the central…

Finally! A World Cup Is Coming to India

These days, any good news regarding the Indian football is cause for celebration. While the football fraternity was torn between two spectrum of events across the globe, the loss of the man who fought against tyranny and injustice in his own way and the other being the excitement…

Uzbeki football

Think Twice About Uzbekistan

If you were to ask me few months ago: what is the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan known for? I would have answered: Gold, Copper and National Gas. If you were to ask me the same question today, I would add Football to that list. Critics in the…