The Netherlands

Netherlands lose to Turkey in Euro 2016 Qualifiers

The Netherlands in Shambles?

After another shambolic round of Euro 2016 qualifiers, Danny Blind’s Netherlands side are on the verge of a shock premature exit from the tournament before it even truly begins, just one year after claiming a third place finish at the World Cup in Brazil.​ ​ The Netherlands were…

Football Urges Careful Owner Adoption

Clubs should be encouraged to answer three questions before adding a foreign (or domestic) owner to their household to make sure they are ready for the commitment. While it is exciting to bring a financially prosperous godfather to take the club to new heights, certain clubs, out of…

Old Rivalries Renewed

Oh this is the kind of action we expect. The end-to-end stuff. Players in full throttle. The lesson I have learnt in football this year, is that you can have quick strikers, powerful strikers, slow strikers, technically adept strikers, but the one thing that makes a striker good…