New York


NYCFC – Looking Good So Far

Without question, one of the most challenging endeavours a newly formed professional football club undertakes, among others, is the knack to keep its fan-base eager and optimistic. Majority shareholder Abu Dhabi based City Football Group’s North American project – New York City F.C will play its first game…

A Moment Of Reflection

Sandy – that was her name. She walked into our worlds with a severe purpose. With a determination to cause mayhem. And indeed, that is what she did. She was a tropical cyclone that devastated most of the mid and Upper Atlantic regions causing $50 billion dollars worth…

Piper Hop in NYC

This piper drove me towards himself while he was fusing his melodies with a hip hop drummer at Union Square, New York City. PS: Ignore the guy on the left because he was obviously under some sort of an influence. Credit: Nijaz Salim.