Nike and Iniesta Create a Work of Art

A lot of people have said a thing or two about the quiet midfielder from Barcelona – Andres Iniesta. In fact on the day Iniesta was called to train with the first-team squad, he could not find the dressing room. Luis Enrique was sent out to find him.…

Pep Guardiola going through some sleepless nights?

The End of a Beautiful Relationship

The dust has begun to settle at Nou Camp as Guardiola stepped off the pitch for one last time as the famed manager of Barcelona. It was a sight to take in last night as his most popular attraction – the Argentinian playmaker – Lionel Messi managed to…

Barcelona – a class of its own.

Barcelona, the team that every football fan all across the world, enjoys watching. The passion and love for the sport and the team itself can be seen in each individual who represents the club; from who I believe is currently the world’s greatest player (Messi) to who I…