Champions League

Santana taps in the ball in the dying minutes.

The Two Minutes That Malaga Will Rue

I had scripted this article in my head. It was going to be called ‘hit and run’. The Mallorca application had been brilliant. Manuel Pellegrino had dealt with his immense personal pain and brought a Malaga team that has been performing more than it’s worth the past two…

AFC Champions League & Freebies

For anyone who is following the progress of UAE teams in the Asian scene, this week’s fixtures should be quite entertaining. We have both Dubai based teams trying to redeem themselves at home after disappointing performances, this past weekend, at the domestic level. Al Shabab hosts Pakhtakor of…

The Guardiola Effect

Pep Guardiola’s signing for Bayern Munich is more than a matter of Teutonic pride. It is also cause for celebration for all football clubs in Deutschland. The champagne flutes can be clinked louder because the party is going to get bigger next year. What Guardiola will do when…