Zohib Islam Amiri is a current Afghanistan international who made the most out of his circumstances growing up as a refugee in Pakistan to playing football in top clubs across the Indian Subcontinent.

Q: How did you get into football?
A: I have to thank my brothers for that. I grew up watching both of them playing the game whenever they could. Their passion drove me to pursue the game as well.

Q: What is the one memory of football you have as a child?
A: I have a lot of memories; good and bad. Honestly, I had witnessed the Taliban killing people in the stadium where you should playing football. This was the dark side but I also have good memories watching thousands of people coming to the stadium cheering for their favorite football player back in the day, and to see that is something special.  It’s always a dream of kids to play one day in front of so many people.

Q: Your favorite moment in recent times?
A: The best and favorite moment of mine in recent time is when my mom had come with my family for my first international game vs Pakistan in Kabul in a packed stadium. What kid would not like that. I always wanted to play in front of my parents and when people started cheering, the sight of pride in their face was priceless.

Q: What would be your advice for children who want to follow a similar path?
A: Would just advice them to follow their dreams. Don’t give up especially when a kid growing up in a war country who reached a big stage, means anyone can do it. Nothing is impossible. Just believe in yourself, work hard, respect your family and things will work out.

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