Q: At what age did you start playing and how did you get into football?
A: In Riyadh, maybe when I was 6 or 7-year-old. When my father was the coach in the club (Al Shabab), I along with my big brother used to go with him. I have to thank my father for getting me into football.

Q: What’s your nickname? What do people close to you call you?
A: Abood

Q: Have you always been at the club?
A: Al Shabab is my second home. I grew up in Al Shabab and have been there since I could remember.

Q: How many goals have you scored from the time you turned 15?
A: Well, 17 at U-16 level, 18 at U-17 level, then I got the chance to play with the U-23 squad where I scored 5 in 6 games. And then I went to Spain

Q: How did you get selected to go to Spain?
A: The managers from La Liga came to Saudi Arabia to see the players. They came to watch the U23 squad match between Al Shabab and Al Hilal. They told me after the game they they would connect with my manager.

FYI, Abood did not know that they were coming to watch the game which ended a draw at 1-1. He scored.

Q: How did you feel when La Liga managers selected you?
A: You know this chance comes once in a life time. I was very lucky to get this chance.

Q: What were you doing when you heard that you were selected? Where you at home? Was it a text message or a call? Who called you?
A: No, I was at the club watching the senior team. My father came to the club and told me.

Q: Did you know about Sporting Gijon before you signed the contract with them?
A: Just a little bit. Not about the city but was going through the research process about the club, city, etc.

Q: What was your reaction when you first went to the grounds at the club?
A: I was excited to prove to everybody that Saudi Arabia has got good players, they just need the opportunity.

Q: Did Turki Al Sheikh talk to you before you left?
A: Yes

Q: What did he say?
A: Work hard and improve yourself.

Q: What happened when you first met your teammates in the ground?
A: You know that the language of the football – it’s easy for the players. They were very welcoming and tried to help me.

Q: How was it living on your own? Where did you live? Club campus or an apartment?
A: Little difficult as I lived in an apartment. I was not used to the food and missed my family and friends.

Q: How many games did you play in Gijon and how many goals did you score?
A: I played 3 games and scored 2.

Q: What was the biggest difference between playing at home in Saudi Arabia and Spain?
A: It was great. They playing style is more physical than what you see in Saudi Arabia.

Q: Is there an option to go back to Spain inshallah?
A: Inshallah

Q: Future?
A: Currently with the U-19 squad preparing the U-19 Asian Cup. We will see after that 🙂

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