Preferred over Manchester United in the International Champions Cup, EPL’s Cinderella story, surprising title favorites dreaming for a return to Europe after 16 years away and home to two of the top five scorers in the league – all of which simply seemed impossible to the entire human race thinking back when the season had begun in August. Today, the Foxes are the sweetest reality of the English football world.

“It’s unexpected. I didn’t think the results would go our way today,” Pearson told BBC Radio Leicester.

It was only eleven months ago, when Leicester City were promoted to the England’s top division after a blend of results fell kindly in favor of the club. And it would be safe to recall that the manager would have imagined that they would actually be safe from relegation, let alone, hang out with the top boys and lead the path in the league. Oh! Look how the tables have turned.
So how did the discussion go from ‘Leicester needing at least 30 points to avoid relegation’ to ‘15 more points needed to seal the league title’?

Observing the blissful situation the Foxes are in right now, what we are witnessing is something that our grandchildren may recollect as “The Greatest Football Story Ever Told.”

In the past, we had seen several teams rise from the ashes like Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain only to name a few. But what makes this specific story so special?

Evident in their collective style of play, their goal celebrations, their conferences, post and pre-match interviews, Leicester City, is a team that you within yourself are hoping to win the league, regardless of your life-long allegiance to a team.

And many believed, they would struggle to get past 15 points if they were not backed by the cash flow. Then came the discussion around teams surviving the frantic winter schedule. Many believed Leicester would choke in December, like many usually do every season. They passed the test and they keep climbing.

Then they questioned themselves, how is it possible for a team with no backing of riches makes it in today’s modern world of football. Especially, when they are on the verge of winning the league. Seriously?

Whatever the case maybe, the Foxes proved us wrong and brought us back to what truly is the beautiful game. The sheer passion, determination, hard work and motivation and yet it was not about buying the best players from different parts of the world or the commercial value behind their purchase. It was about building a squad that can work together and make a difference. Fame would follow. Hence, many would resonate with Manchester United’s class of ’92 will pop in their minds a lot more than a PSG or Chelsea buying top players together.

There is just a special something with this team, a “spark” of brilliance and determination that simply cannot be seen in the rest.


For Vardy, Mahrez, Drinkwater, Huth, Schmeichel, and rest of the Foxes, a title run is just what they deserve for the tough grind they put in every week. Not only is it fair to them, but also to the beautiful game of football as well. Leicester just may be the motivation that teams like Watford or AFC Bournemouth need.

And for certain players, their performances at the domestic level has led to call-ups within their respective national teams as well. In the last few days, many featured for their respective nations. We saw Japanese Okazaki scoring in the World Cup Qualifier against Afghanistan, Kasper Schmeichel featured in Denmark’s 2 – 1 friendly victory over Iceland, Jamaican Wes Morgan led his squad in their 1-1 draw against Costa Rica in a World Cup Qualifier, Riyad Mahrez assisted Algeria on their African Cup of Nations Qualifier against Ethiopia, Kante made his first appearance for the French during their friendly against the Netherlands and finally Jamie Vardy capped off a brilliant performance against the Germans with a classy goal in their 3 – 2 friendly win.

No matter what team you support, the one soft corner in your heart wants Leicester to win.

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