We are all aware of the fact that modern football is one of the most money-spinning sports in the world. And global Spanish icons Real Madrid own a certain realm of it. The ten times European Champions, according to Forbes, on a few occasions, have been named as the most valuable team in the world, with recent worth being $3.26 billion and with a team value of $3.26 million. Revenues were around $746 million with commercial deals raking in another $2.3 billion.

And the numbers only seem to be increasing for the Los Blancos with an extensive line of potential sponsors who are waiting for their day, their brands are associated with the club. Hence, at present, it is well defined that they are in no immediate need of external cash flow.

And interestingly I came across their graduate program. The club is among the few out there to have entered the field of higher education. Interestingly, the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea, founded in 2006 in collaboration with Universidad Europea de Madrid created the first University specialising in the different elements within the broader version of sports.

Though football fans who are interested in pursuing sports management have the option of attending ‘better’ options out there, the Real Madrid Graduate School could attract those die-hards who would want to be grounded in football as a platform for their entry into the field.

The programs, within their four facilities in Spain including Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Real Madrid’s Sports City, fall under the four electives of Management and Law, Marketing and Communications, Sports and Health and Architecture with price in euros ranging from as little as 9,500 to 23,000.

The admission process is as simple as it gets for a professional who is interested in the courses without the hassle of going through the multitude of pre-requisite in terms of tests and so on. And if you reside in one of the 10 locations below, you wouldn’t even have to be in Madrid to complete the courses.

Real Madrid School Locations

Personally, their online course of sports management is of immediate interest to me, at this point considering my luckless and several failed attempts at entering the field of sports through FIFA’s CIES program. Perhaps, I should see it as a blessing in disguise bearing in mind the undesirable effect of the FIFA brand, as of late. As the entire course can be completed at the comfort of your home for € 9,500, the most beneficial aspect to it is the list of faculty one could have access to; ranging from but not limited to executives at Real Madrid, Orange and Adidas to University professors and Media commentators.

If this interests you, make sure to check the university and their programs here.

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