Irrespective of what you do, it is clear that anything you achieve is or most likely will be an outcome of your drive to pursue and complete it. To one New York City based entrepreneur, this sense of accomplishment involves bringing power (electricity) to those who need it the most. While many of us envision a future around our own self-fulfilment, Jessica O. Matthews has visualised her own version of it, a future in which electricity is generated by the very objects we see around us.

In Jessica’s case, that object is a ball – a specially designed ball.

Uncharted Play, established by Matthews in 2011, focuses on resolving the issue of power cuts that we often hear of or witness in developing countries by making use of movement to create energy. The passion of kids to play football, in their true settings, across these countries has been widely documented in the past and it was this passion that Matthews sought to capitalise on.

Uncharted Play aims to fulfil three vital fundamentals, providing Energy, Education and Physical Wellness, through the release of its two products: “SOCCKET,” a ball, and “PULSE,” a jump rope. When in use, as in the game is played or the jump-rope is being used, the object would create adequate power to turn on a small appliance. Just to mention, this technology is not intended to light up an entire house.

To sum it up:
Thirty minutes to an hour of play can power the firm’s single-LED lamp for three hours. Same amount of play can power a three-LED version for one to two hours.

Enlightened, Uncharted Play is thinking long-term and thinking big. The goal is to extend the technology beyond sports to many other products, which would eventually reduce the strain on a given national grid within a city. For now, the hope is for a big name footballer to pick up the idea and promote it, which assuming based on the potential impact of the product, won’t take long.

The joy of spreading impactful initiatives for the betterment of lives through football is what drives me to write. I believe all of us who are in love with the game have certain obligations to it, in whatsoever capability that we can. Please spread this message as Jessica and team deserve a round applause as they attempt to create safe energy solutions through football via uncharted play.

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  1. Raman Tubutila Reply

    Love the idea. Was thinking about starting something similar in Indonesia. We could use product like this down here.

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