Post-game interviews have always been interesting to hear. We have witnessed the emotions, reactions, stupidity and ignorance from the various people involved in football across the globe. And when it comes to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, the special one, we had never been less entertained, be it the Portuguese is at his happiest or his lowest moments.

However, it’s said that these brief moments of interaction can move mountains. Perhaps last night was Jose Mourinho’s moment as it took one question to shake him by his roots.

Sky Sports reporter Greg Whelan asked: “Jose, what did you make of your team’s performance?”
Usually, we would hear a sentence or two or perhaps on the club’s worst days, just a few days. But this time it was different. His response to the question involved a 7-minute outtake on the club which included the below:

“…if the club wants to sack me, they have to sack me because I’m not running away from my responsibility and my team. To be champions will obviously be very, very difficult because the distance is considerable, but I am more than convinced that we will finish in the top four. And, when the season is so bad, if you finish top four, it is ok.

Jose Mourinho

“…even more important than the first and the second, I think this is a crucial moment in the history of this club. Do you know why? Because if the club sacks me, they sack the best manager that this club has, and secondly, the message is again: bad results and the manager is guilty.”

To a neutral, these words might sound like that of a sore loser. But, they may have been words of confidence from a man who successfully won titles in four different countries.

It is safe to say that Jose Mourinho, at this point, is aware that the Oligarchs and other ultraconservatives within the Russian’s cluster are going to be gunning for his neck nevertheless, decided to display a level of defiance that he had consistently shown in the past.

And it is clear that the Chelsea faithful will run out of patience with his recent does-not care attitude, set on doing things the way he wants no matter what the situation calls for. He ridiculed former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro for doing her job, all stemming from the fact that she was given the permission to enter the pitch from the referee. A role model to the many potential women prospects in football, the club and the FA sidelined her equally, with the FA never, at any point, involving her in statements regarding the entire issue.

To some the collapse of a star-studded team might seem like an interstellar payback for all the oblivious actions of the man this season. And based on his tone, he would not feel any remorse in leaving Chelsea at their worst.

The unannounced hysteria at Stamford Bridge is only intensified at this interval by a rising bitterness on where the club sits in the Premier League table. Public opinion (based on Twitter at least) suggest the Jose fever is beginning to disrupt, as his foolhardy and insensitive verbal incursions on rival managers, the FA, the referees, the international calendar and his own back room staff grow ever more audacious and inapt to a point, where it will soon bother the ones sitting in the executive boxes.

We are aware of the fact that Jose Mourinho had always been a man with a mission. However, at present, he appears to be a headless horseman lacking focus and tactical belief as he fumbles his way to find not only the rhythm that bought Chelsea two Premier League titles, but also a blueprint to positive public approval.

Regardless, it is certain that Jose Mourinho will summon and counter a final round of slings and arrows from his critics before he exits at the end of the season, if not by January.

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