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It is perhaps dreamy to try to entertain Manchester United fans with specifics of a certain transfer, which certain people within the club, seem confident about.

Every harsh belch from both diehard fans as well as neutral observers of the game would believe that this recent phenomenon in the transfer window only injures the chances of Manchester United dominancy. Especially after Andre Ayew sealed Swansea’s resurgence against the devils, this past weekend, MU fans will realise that the club is on a formidably steep ascent to reach even the contemptible numbers that doomed David Moyes. After all, stats are circulating comparing the Manchester United under Moyes and that under Van Gaal with the former seemingly in a better situation considering the funds he had at his disposal.

Since the agonising away loss to the Swans, fans have been crying out loud and had made their intentions clear with 36 hours remaining before the transfer window was to close. #signanyone was the trend of the day in certain countries. And so the club obliged. The name was Anthony Martial. Anthony who? Anthony Martial – 19-year-old French footballer brought in from Monaco as the one to save United from misery for a mere £36 million.

Hearts have been broken. A few had been fixed. Many had questioned – “that is all we could do?” Did the club place similar emphasis on the highly acclaimed Football Manager simulation game to scout the youngster as Sky Sports normally does? “Let’s wait till the next transfer window,” some said.

But the reality is that no one knows what Martial has up his sleeve once he steps on to the pitch. When Angel Di Maria made the move from Real Madrid, we were certain that he would mesmerise us with his ankle breaking dribbles. Certainly, he did not disappoint. But the Argentine did not remain for long. In fact, Manchester United suffered a monstrous £22.5 million loss on a player of Di Maria’s caliber as he moved across the English Channel to join French champions PSG for £44.3 million, according to FX broker Foenix Partners. And on a less serious note was the case of Falcao (whose form never returned after his serious injury that kept him away from the World Cup).

Martial could be a star in the making, or perhaps, he would leave after a few seasons but it all depends on whether United provides him with the right atmosphere for him to fit in, learn and grow. Don’t get me wrong. The club has legends and big names who could guide Martial towards eternal immortality (in footballing terms), but it all comes down if Manchester United is the right team for him.

Then came the transfer day deadline saga of the keepers, which surely has left the goaltenders of both MU and Real Madrid destabilised. The Madrid club drew first blood releasing a statement immediately that they had done everything they could to conclude the deal. And also claiming at one point in their release that MU took eight hours to respond on the final day. On the other hand, Madridistas questioned the reason behind the delay of the club until the final day to seal the deal.

Some football fans simply find the transfer window to be entertainingly naughty with lies, rumours, disappointments and unexpected pleasure, all observable in its various forms. For Manchester United fans, however, there will be a sense of remarkable rational disagreement especially when their noisy neighbours who are sitting comfortably on the top, boosted their squad with Belgian Kevin De Bruyne.

Yet, this is hardly the first time we have seen Manchester United conduct transfer business in this manner. What is new is the concealed promises, in the name of vigour, putting United into a self-justifying stoop against “shrewd” men involved within the game.

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  1. Sammy Toran Reply

    Love the club but Martial will not be the one to save us from our misery. It would be the entire club playing collectively and for each other that will eventually help the club. But #Louisout

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