The presence of the devil, that is money, in the beautiful sport has become a worldwide problem. It has devalued the sport that I grew up following. Sports and music are valuable activities in life that I believe every single human being should get involved in. However, these hobbies that were based on unity and fun have become a catalyst purely based on money and incentives. The recent FIFA Presidential elections were the biggest evidence of these problems.


Football is marred with controversy and skepticism and it’s worldwide organisation is led by allegedly the most corrupt man in the game; Sepp Blatter. Blatter, who only yesterday won by the result of a forfeit against Prince Ali of Jordan, will continue as FIFA President until 2019 thus upsetting a majority of the footballing contingent whose opinions on Blatter are out of their hands. Controversially, Sepp Blatter is the ‘smartest’ man in football.

Broken promises, bribery allegations and human rights abuse are thought of once you bring up “Sepp Blatter” to a football fan, yet he stands tall above all his competitors.

Is it acceptable in this era to allow such inhumane actions to take place? Football has always been a game for the working class who celebrate their team’s achievement and their dismay, through thick and thin, not for rich oligarchs and businessmen who charge over £60 per game. Football is supposed to unite us all. This week, the Presidents of football association of Palestine and Israel shook hands to finally end the fighting between them (in football) while the enemies in South Sudan and Sudan always bring about a ceasefire once either of the countries are involved in a football match. Such disgusting men akin to Blatter should not take our game away, and it could be seen from the two candidates’ speeches.


After all, Prince Ali emphasised that “I will be responsible for all that happens in the game as FIFA is not just an organisation but a means for footballing equality” and “the people are there to be cared for”. Remarkably, Blatter who expressed such vanity, claimed that “all the blame is being pointed towards me” and “the World Cup is our main source of income” with a meagre mention of the footballing community.



  1. Stan Limon Reply

    FIFA is bought by the Arabs. It is run by money from the Arabs, there is no doubt about it.

    • While your statement can be true to some extent… Russia is not an Arabic country? Both Russia and Qatar (and FIFA itself) are to blame for the World Cup shenanigans but you simply cannot put the blame on Qatar only.

      • Stan Limon Reply

        I am sure Russia has some sort of involvement in paying for the World Cup too. But Russia at least make sense considering its football might. Qatar is not known for football apart from ageing players they have brought in over the years. No history at all.

        • I do agree, but you can’t really blame Qatar in this case. This is where they want to push on and form that ‘footballing might’. League has been developing and rising day by day.

    • Seif Abdulamir Reply

      FIFA is run by the West and ‘Arab’ Prince Ali is your puppet.

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