The English Premier League is indisputably one of the most followed leagues around the world with fan bases ranging in the millions across the globe. Stroll down a street in Dubai or Bangalore or Koh Samui, and the one common aspect that ties them together is someone wearing the top of either Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool football clubs.

A new complex but easy-on-the-eye visualization by Kris Wongsuphasawat constructed via Twitter shows the global support for each of league’s 20 teams, based on the location of followers from each of the 20 Twitter accounts.

At first glance, it looks like Arsenal (yellow) and Chelsea (blue) seem to dominate in twitter based fan presence across the globe. Manchester United (red) also seems to be a club to follow in India.


Concentrating in UAE, our assumption would have led to a lot of ‘red’ in the top cities, however, it was interesting to see Arsenal and Chelsea reign in Dubai. It was of no surprise to see Abu Dhabi covered in the light blue given it being the home of Manchester City owners – Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment (ADUG),

Though this is not the best way to evaluate a club’s true fan base considering the number of fans that actually exist on Twitter along with the fact that following a club’s Twitter account does not essentially mean you support it. However, this data does seem to be credible to an extent.



  1. Salah Kameni Reply

    Total BS. There are more United fans in UAE than all three combined

    • Really Salah???? Are you one of those pain in the arse MU fan? Sounds like it.

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