Hulk, not Zenit St. Petersburg’s Brazilian winger, but the Lou Ferrigno version of pure green unimaginable strength, was always my favorite superhero. If I had to choose from the ample superhuman characters available to be in my football team, it would have been him.

But unfortunately he was not present in this superhuman turned footballers video created by Ronnie Street Stunts shows.
Nonetheless, the creativity involved in the making of this video is commendable. This video has also proven that Jedi’s make for the best goal keepers in the world, yes, better than having Ironman in goal and that Gandalf can ruin any game at will.

This ‘marvelous’ cinematography features many of the characters we are well aware of in an epic between video game characters and comic book crusaders. But then again, also included in the battle are Hermione, Super Mario and Neo (from Matrix).

Who do you think would be that one superhero, you would select in your team?

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