It has only been less than a year since an Aussie band by the name of Vaudeville Smash produced the infamous song on the legendary Frenchman Zinedine Zidane.

The unrecognised group, originating from Melbourne, had created an infectious pop song, at a time the world was being exposed to the official FIFA World Cup song by the infuriating and annoying piece of lyrics put together by Pitbull and J. Lo.

What made it more entertaining was the feature by the country’s most renowned football commentator – Les Murray, whose role was to name several greats (past and present) in the game.

To top it all, viewers get a glimpse of the skills of freestylers (Mohamed Reda M-Ten, Karl Faraj, Daniel Thomas, Steven Everett & Dan Murphy) who were dressed as Zidane’s in the video.

The song has since become a YouTube hit since with more than 1.8 Million YouTube views attracting global attention since it was launched.

Here is to Vaudeville Smash and to certain extent – Zinedine Zidane, yet one more time, for this awesome song.

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