Landon Timothy Donovan, who some say, is one the best No. 10’s ever to come out of United States, has achieved legendary status from his time at LA Galaxy and the US National Team.

Being the MLS’s all-time top scorer with 144 goals and its ‘assists’ leader with 136, during his time at San Jose Earthquakes and predominantly LA Galaxy, we can rightly justify the earlier statement.

Donovan had also significantly contributed for his nation in the international scene, being the top American ranked 16th in the global list of international players by goals scored, above the likes of names likes Gabriel Batistuta, Thierry Henry and a long list of many other greats.


We focused on using the stars and stripes and the colours within the American flag. The star from the flag is a symbol of him being a remarkable player, which he was. But we also wanted to illustrate his side that showed humility and his hard working ethic, hence the calm image of him placed on the star. The golden/yellowish tone exhibits his dedication to LA Galaxy.

This design aims to capture the true essence of the meaning – for club and for country. Order yours at our shop today.


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