We can all say that David Beckham is a good man.


The Former English footballer has joined hands with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to work on a global project to help marginalized youth or those at the risk of isolation.

Under the banner of “7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund“, which resonates with the shirt number he famously during his stints at Manchester United and Real Madrid, Beckham hopes to use his universal fame and personal sway to raise the funds to tackle the various issues faced by young children.

The initiative will be implemented over the next three years globally, and will focus on children living in violent environments, those vulnerable and affected by diseases in areas that they live in.

The projects include a child protection scheme in El Salvador, which has the world’s highest homicide rate for children, a nutrition program in Papua New Guinea, where almost half of under 5-yr-olds are malnourished, and an Aids and HIV scheme in Swaziland.

The collaboration will also focus on maternal health and infant mortality in Djibouti; educational programs in Bangladesh, with an emphasis on providing teachers and textbooks and sanitation, water and hygiene initiatives in Burkina Faso. A social inclusion program in Serbia is the seventh area of focus.

“The idea was to select seven countries that really need the funds and are also fighting against some of the biggest dangers that children face today,”

said Paloma Escudero, Unicef’s communications director.

“David has chosen to speak about areas that sometimes men, sometimes governments, are not very attentive to.”

This is not the first time that Beckham has signed up to fulfil his obligations since being assigned as a UNICEF brand ambassador in 2005. He has participated in various initiatives aimed at the development of children through sport and travelled to several countries under the program – from The Philippines to East Africa.

Watch the video below to see Beckham’s thoughts on the idea:

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