Deportivo Palestino – A prestigious club in the Chilean first division based in Santiago gives you an idea of how the Palestinians have integrated into the Chilean community. Attending their games, one will notice a Palestinian feel to the atmosphere with the crowd waving the Palestinian flag and wearing Keffiyeh’s (traditional Arab head dress).

The Palestinian map was recently used in the team’s kit as their gesture of solidarity towards the Palestinians. Though the club was fined by the FA, they stood by their decision to stick by their kit.

This design celebrates the very solidarity they have displayed since they launched the club. The maps have the colours of the country and club, with a pattern that resembles the Keffiyeh.

10% of the sales from this Tee will be donated to the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (http://www.pcrf.net). Help support the cause.

You can either contact us directly at info@footynions.com if interested or buy it online via our Etsy store.

Deportivo Palestino - Solidarity T-shirtDeportivo Palestino - Solidarity T-shirt


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