Edgar Davids was always the cool one, on the pitch. After an extensive career as a footballer, he recently announced taking that personality and his football knowledge into brand marketing.

After being the face of Nike for quite sometime, his interest in the world of creativity, led him to investigate a possible opportunity into a new career. Richard Mulder, a fellow-Dutchman, who led Nike’s brand communications across several regions and worked with Davids in the past and heads multi functional marketing agency Anomaly today, explains Edgar’s inquiry into possible internship opportunity at the agency, “He (Davids) said, ‘I’ve always been at the end of the process, but I’d like to be involved from start to finish,'”

It was only right for Anomaly to capitalise on Davids experience, considering that they hold certain clients who are into sports business and work on sports related projects.

Davids will be a paid employee though he is not expected to come in everyday and his salary is still being negotiated. As an average executive, he will be assigned briefs and asked to provide insights on sports and pop culture-related projects.

He is expected to start on the first week of December.Edgar Davids - Nike

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