The Middle East stretches some 5,000 miles— nearly twice the distance between New York and San Francisco. The Arab people, spread over a vast expanse, enjoy common bonds of history and tradition. Members of twenty-one different countries, in reality the Arabs consider themselves to be one nation.

A similar connection exists between the countries when it comes to football in terms of classification of teams in their respective leagues. Of all, the presence of one club resonates – Ahli/Ahly.


In retrospect, their respective disciples are named as “Ahlawy’s”, exist across the region.

We designed this as tribute to all those Ahlawy’s who hold their beloved club on a higher pedestal, combining Arabic calligraphy in white (which transliterates to Ahlawy) on a bold backdrop.

You can get one today at:


He is a photographer based in Dubai. Covers all the UAE FA and AFC Champions League matches. Also likes Avocado juice.

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