Ever heard of the phrase – “a scorcher” being used in football commentary?

Well, I had written this a while ago but was re-introduced recently to this when a friend sent me an image of him playing a game in Indonesia. Basically, a group of students at a Madrasa (Islamic School) in East Java, Indonesia have given the above phrase; a new perspective.

It involves 6 coconuts (which can be found in abundance in that specific region), flammable liquid and 10 players with feet made of iron. It is a practice related to pencak silat, an old-fashioned Indonesian martial art. They go through 6 coconuts within the 60-minute game.

This is what one of the organisers of the game Ali Akhyar had to say,

“We make a fireball to test the guts of the students.”

It makes me question whether it was possible for the school to come up with any other means to test the guts of these students. Just wondering.

It’s not easy to kick the hard shell of coconut around let alone one that is on fire. Kudos to these guys for showing us that they are oblivion to pain.

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