Amid all our summer’s turmoil and sorrow, from fatalities in the region to instability and social disorder in Ferguson, Mo., it was nice to hear that the Koreans had invented a new way of fan engagement in their stadiums via bots. A Korean baseball team – Hanwha Eagles, in an attempt to “improve atmosphere at their matches” have brought in a crowd of robot fans.

Some in UAE football would and should see this as a marvel brought by God, others – that of modern science. Either way, it is a blessing in disguise for the clubs in the league.

Thinking of it on a positive note, clubs in the UAE could definitely benefit from this considering the dismal attendance during the league games across the country. The clubs would also profit from the savings that could be generated from funds (cash, orange juice and a pack of chips) given to kids to attend the games in order to make the stadium look close to packed.

It also helps in the fact that these robots could add a physical meaning to the fans across the country. We all know that most of those from the older generation, who have somewhat of a minimal interest in the league, would prefer watching the games at their frequented shisha café’s. In this case, they could just upload their picture to the bot and pretend as if they were there.

If only there was a way to make the top officials aware of this. Just an FYI – even to think of it as groundbreaking would be sarcastic in my own cynical way.


He is a photographer based in Dubai. Covers all the UAE FA and AFC Champions League matches. Also likes Avocado juice.

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