Though Manchester United went down fighting in their home game opener last night, it was clear that there were few interesting elements to the event.

Firstly, the much talked about appointment of Van Gaal, did not reap the benefit (thinking immediate response) that the Manchester United fans were expecting. A 2 – 1 loss to Swansea was nothing something that they expected from the man who was supposed to change the fortunes of the club via his concept of totalfotbal.

Secondly, in an activity that aroused curiosity, the first 11 led by Rooney walked out to a stunt that eventually raised a few eyebrows. Rooney’s name was replaced by a familiar Mfanelo and similarly the rest had their own mascots.

There was a reason. Now it all made sense. Those stories of kids being uploaded onto the Chevrolet FC site, finally made sense.

And what a surprise it might have been for these kids who travelled from countries around the world including Brazil, India and South Africa to be matchday mascots at Old Trafford.

The jerseys were then given to the kids as a gift.

This was all a part of the Chevrolet backed ‘What Do You #PlayFor?’ campaign to spread the game and their initiative of power of play to areas of the world that need it the most.

The bar is now raised, for other clubs to follow a similar path of creative yet sustainable CSR initiative as that undertaken by Manchester United and Chevrolet.

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  1. Ahmed Al Junaibi Reply

    Don’t think it matters for a diehard fan if they lose.

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