It would sound obvious to say that Manchester United is by far the most significant of all clubs which is well endowed with fan support all across the globe. However, with the blessing of its multi million dollar sponsorship with Chevrolet, the club has gained a certain uniqueness recently, which gives it an edge over its esteemed regional peers.

That uniqueness involves giving back to the less fortunate by influencing a tiny part of their lives. And we are not talking about giving cheques, planting a few trees or PR photo opportunities here. Since Manchester United, along with Chevrolet, launched its flagship #playfor campaign earlier in the year, both have managed to touch the lives of many around the world.

And it seems like they do not intend to stop anytime soon. The formidable alliance has recently gone on a binge of releasing social videos showcasing individual stories of kids from different parts of the world. These kids explain their passion for the game and how it has helped them through their regular struggles. These videos which are currently being populated on the Chevrolet FC page, reveal very strong anecdotes captivating your emotions, eventually ending with a very interesting tagline of “And at this season’s opening game, Man Utd. play for him.”

Here are a couple:

Watch Mfanelo’s story :

Watch Jasmine’s story:

Watch Fergie’s story:

Which of these were you moved by the most? We would love to hear your thoughts on them.


  1. Sriracha Tiruporm Reply

    Football clubs are beginning to think like brands now with emphasis on social contribution. Just surprising that of all the sponsors Chevrolet would be the one that would come up with this. Really like Fergie’s story. Can relate to few of them as such out here.

  2. Patrick Soleno Reply

    Different approaches taken by different clubs. This is great but other clubs have done better.

  3. Saad Mohabeh Reply

    Too bad, their performances on the pitch was not what one would expect. Jasmine’s story does it for me. Lot of kids with drugs around.

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