Manchester City, in partnership with Nike, recently unveiled the kit their players will be in for the 19 + home games they would be playing.

It sounds like MCFC players will be hard to catch this new season, if what is said about their new outfit is anything to go by. Of course, like any other Nike kit, it carries the trademark of its sophisticated Dri-fit technology while being environmentally sustainable providing the perfect fit for the players.

The only major evident difference is the switch of colors, of the collar and cuffs, from white to navy blue, which gives it a very nice distinction. While Nike recently declaring that they’d be dropping their partnership with Manchester United, confirmed their strong intent with its rivals through the embedded pennant tab on the back which reads “We are City.” Both Etihad Airways and Nike logos are navy blue and look more gratifying than the white and golden debacle of their neighbors.

What’s interesting is that the kits are made from recycled plastic water bottles. Each kit is made using an average of 18 recycled plastic bottles, and over the last four years Nike has diverted almost two billion of these bottles from landfills to produce their kits.

In the end it is only a shirt and it is yet to prove how it enhances a player’s performance on the pitch.

The new home kit can be pre-ordered right now and to purchase in stores from July 17. However, Etihad Airways was kind enough to hook me up with a jersey that before it goes on sale, as part of their unique fan appreciation campaign that had been activated for the reveal. They managed to surprise and delight 150 unsuspecting Manchester City FC fans at Manchester Airport flying to Abu Dhabi with the new home shirt handed out by legend Mike Sumerbee. Watch what happened:

Heart-felt appreciation for their generosity.


  1. Blue Mancunian Reply

    Saw one yesterday that had been given out early by Mike Summerbee at the Airport. paper thin as usual and over priced at £ 55. Won’t be buying even with big discounts

    • HeavyRiffs Reply

      Paper thin? Maybe you’re just stretching it too much? 😉

      • John Evans Reply

        You got my vote HeavyRiffs. However, given the present obesity crisis that’s maybe not as funny as it sounds.

    • footynions Reply

      Thin as it gets for the “enhancement of player peformance”.

    • Blue_Bugle Reply

      Don’t buy one then no one give a hoot. It was a great gesture. that’s what counts.

  2. Darioblue2739 Reply

    I was hoping the statement would be “we at Nike are very sorry for shitting on 120 years of tradition and are now giving you WHITE SHORTS!”

    • Blue_Bugle Reply

      You sound so grateful for all the club and it’s owners have done for it’s supporters. If you were old enough to remember and more appreciative you would no doubt remember the 70’s you would then know all about blue shorts and history.
      You’re probably another fake fan anyway.

  3. Like all Nike stuff poorly designed,thin material and grossly over priced.

    • Blue_Bugle Reply

      That’s right by next season the thicko’s will have forgotten that we wear blue and white. All the blue and white scalf’s will suddenly turn blue. What is the world coming to? How can we possibly remember that we wear blue and white, but just fancy a change. I bet you have the same thing for tea every night. Beans on toast.

  4. John Evans Reply

    Never mind the crass blue shorts, what about the puerile co-ordinated red boots father Christmas wouldn’t be seen dead in!

    The Nike marketing guys are avaricious, covetous, rapacious, grasping, mercenary, money grabbers.

    Think about it !! No self respecting kid is going to get away with just a new top and ‘last year’s’ white shorts. Now they will have to pay through the nose for a cheap pair of matching blue shorts (I forgot socks), run up in some sweat shop.

    Welcome to rip off England. Sooner we dump Nike the better.

  5. Blue_Bugle Reply

    What a bunch of moaners. It looks great and it’s for one season, bring it on. I know City are blue and white the kit is just what we play in it doesn’t define City and we can go back to the traditional whenever we want. Loads of people prefer retro and that brilliant too.
    I think a bit of growing up needs to be done.

    • John Evans Reply

      This is all about merchandising and nothing to do with tradition or taste.

      Are you going to be buying a set?

      No I thought not!

      • Blue_Bugle Reply

        John are you serious? Of course it’s about merchandising. The thing is, you buy or you don’t, no one is forced into anything. The video is about City getting their merchandise out there into the market. What’s the problem? The people getting the shirts are happy enough. Isn’t that a positive amongst the down on everything posters?
        And John I have my shirt on order for my collection.
        Go on John do something positive with your oh so depressing existence and treat yourself before you die.

        • John Evans Reply

          Mr Bugle,

          I have no problem with you or anyone else paying £55 for a piece of tat produced in an oriental or Latin American sweat shop. I assume you are an adult and you can spend what you earn as you wish.

          Still you miss my point. Very few adults are going to buy, let alone be able load their lard a***s into a pair of sky blue shorts. Although I have seem some remarkable sights on my travels, any adults in City shorts are mainly Chav’s.

          Shorts are predominantly bought for or by children! Ever heard of peer pressure? Nike certainly has!

          Shirt £42.55/46, socks £12 (same price as adults) and now shorts £20 =£150 for the average family. Makes your £55 seem somewhat paltry.

          Bugle you know nothing about my existence (depressing or otherwise) But one thing I’ll throw in for free; As I write a ‘First Advice’ City shirt ‘signed by Colin Bell’, looks down from my office wall. But don’t take that to mean I am a like you. I don’t have the storage space!

          • Blue_Bugle

            John you are so boring! You wrote back to tell me this boring rubbish? Get a life for goodness sake John. Don’t buy the shirt John, nobody is asking YOU to buy anything. Another thing John you are going to have to accept that people do what they want, they don’t give a hoot about your opinion. If they are big in build so what, if they come across as being Chav like it doesn’t matter. John let go of your pet hates and let others get on with having happy lives were they, right or wrong, run with their own opinions.
            Try a smile John they cost nothing, you may even start to feel like a real person again.

          • John Evans

            I’ll look out for you on Joe Mercer way, you’ll be the fat a*** in Sky Blue shorts. Now that will make me smile!

          • Blue_Bugle

            Small things amuse small minds as they say. Ha ha Ha, I am funny.

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