Picture this. Many of us have been working in our jobs for a while. Some may enjoy it and some may not. Some take pride in the results they produce. And then one day things change. Perhaps a new boss, weakened opportunities and your ability to create value for your organization has reduced.

This could be a serious issue, because it will somehow touch on the dignity of the individual. And because many of us spend the majority of our daily hours at work, it tends to be the major source of dignity in our lives.

But then again, there is Football. It is right there in the corner of our minds to hoist our morale back into shape. We have come across beautiful incidents on how football plays an impactful role in the lives of many across the globe. From one-legged footballers to clubs taking positive steps towards those who are unfortunate, from a team that struggled to play football to kids with special talent – we had tried our best to bringing these out.

Then we wrote this detailed piece on love.fútbol whose superlative model is simple. To create a safe place for every child to play and they are have done a great job in making that happen in South and Central Americas. They recently tied up with Brazilian National Team member Hernanes to use the power of the sport to help transform underserved communities.

“Soccer has been important in my life in a number of ways. When I was a child, i always had a ball on my feet and I was happy. Beyond the emotional side, the game also kept me healthy and socially active. It helped me learn important values, such as discipline, respect what was different, and team work. It allowed me to dream.” – Henanes

Fortunately, you can now be a part of this great cause as love.fútbol are inviting donations of any amount from people who can contribute. Moreover, to make it worthwhile for you, your donation will give you a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, watch a game, and meet love.fútbol ambassador Hernanes. So what are you waiting for?

Donate here and be a part of this exciting and self-fulfiling opportunity through love.fútbol.

Unfortunately, the link does not accept payments from the Middle East but there is always a way.

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