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NBA and Los Angeles Laker’s legendary shooting guard – Kobe Bryant has never thought twice before emphasising his love of football in the past.

Having grown up in Italy, he warmed up-to football at an early age while declaring his love for Milanese club – AC Milan.

Watching Bryant play, one with a football/soccer background and see how his past in the game has helped him shape up his agility as a pro ball player today. And it remains the same with many that come make their way to the NBA from abroad. The few that come to my mind are Manu Ginóbili and Tony Parker of San Antonio Spurs and of course Bryant’s Canadian team mate, Steve Nash.

Well, Bryant recently featured featured in a commercial for Panini, a sports and entertainment collectibles company. You all remember Panini right – especially during the World Cup? The very reason we end up spending the little we could save as kids, on stickers with the intention of completing that ever-glorious World Cup album.

He can be heard voicing over a few clips saying “Before I could dribble, I could dribble”, as the clips move between shots of a kid playing football and him on the court. He can also be seen wearing the colours of the US Mens National Team during the commercial.

The commercial briefly captivates the imagination of a footballer in relation to how the knowledge, the skill and the agility can potentially transcend onto the court in the form of basketball.

Definitely worth a watch as it might drive you to start your collection today. Its never too late when it comes to Panini.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.11.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-04-30 at 10.11.29 PM

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