Nothing quite humanizes the image of a brand like bringing people from various struggling nations/regions together, as Coca Cola does in a recent video released in regards to the World Cup.

There are some who would revel over basic aspects of the atmosphere including the less than impressive anthem song by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, during this short excitement filled duration prior to the World Cup. Many human lives are expected to be impacted this summer, however more urgent issues reign.

Coca Cola managed to tap into these issues from a very diplomatic perspective with the concept of bringing together individuals from four different regions; the regions being the Amazon, Palestine, a Tsunami hit city of Japan and from Eastern European. The theme of the work being “One World, One Game,” invites young people from an isolated community in the Amazon, city of Ramallah in Palestine, and those from the tsunami-ravaged area of Otsuchi in Japan to attend the World Cup.

The context of the well articulated campaign consists of strong statements from various individuals, with their journey taking them to Brazil and eventually ending at the Estádio do Maracanã.

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  1. Ala'a Sameer Reply

    They could better it. I like how Palestinians were involved in this video.

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