The act of charity is not one of that derives itself from an exhaustive process of rational thinking. It is visionary, sort of a sensation, that intrinsic feeling of doing good, really. Yet simple thoughts can change the way we think or open us up to the act of giving.

14-year-old Ethan King had that vision at the age of 10 after arriving in Mozambique with his dad who was in the country to repair water wells in local villages. As a passionate footballer, Ethan always carries a ball with him, even on his foreign travels. While having a kick about with locals he realized that many of them never really played with a real ball. Something we in the developed nations take for granted.

Appreciating his blessings, he decided to make use of that to help his equals in their attempt to play football by creating ‘Charity Ball’. His objective was simple. Provide an opportunity to play by replacing a plastic twine-wrapped garbage bags loosely put together with an actual ball.

Ethan in his words, “Every kid who loves the game of soccer deserves to play. Every kid who loves the game of soccer deserves his or her own ball. And that’s what Charity Ball is all about; getting kids their own quality ball so they can play and keep playing the beautiful game.”

The video above cannot be anything less than inspiring. If we think about the number of footballs we have thrown away during our lifetime, this would surely make us think twice before doing so again. The important part of all this is that it is not expensive and neither is difficult. Give it a shot and think about donating a ball or more if you see them lying around or contact us if you have any questions on how you can help.

Ethan surely deserves a raised ovation for opening our eyes to a situation we kind of were aware of but do not really comprehend.

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