September 1910: Brazilian President Bataglia referring to Brazilian side Corinthians acknowledged “Corinthians will be a team of the people, by the people and for the people.” This claim is maintained till day with Corinthians being known as the “Time do Povo” or the “Team for the People”. And an example of that was displayed recently.

Caio Tadeu Batista appreciating the club's gesture.
Caio Tadeu Batista appreciating the club’s gesture.

In light of the World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st), Corinthians had invited 26-year-old Caio Tadeu Batista, who is a member of the Brazilian national futsal team for athletes with Down syndrome. His time at the club was documented through a self-cam wherein you can see Caio interact with the staff and players and eventually line up and kicking off the first touch on the ball against Atlético Sorocaba in a Campeonato Paulista game.

Corinthians went on to beat Atlético with a hat-trick from Romarinho but it was Caio’s moment, thanks to Corinthians, that fascinates the audience and us who crave for content that humanize the game.

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