I tend to fast-forward anything which has a branded significance to it. I am not really into all that, but lately I have to admit that there are a few brands who are working hard towards humanizing content. Now humanizing content is something I will always be a sucker for – be it user generated or brand created.

Very few get it. The rest just produce or reproduce similar content that has been created since we can remember. Fortunately, we have changed as a consumer.

It cannot be surprising when you hear fascinating content is among the top reasons for someone to follow a brand. And the same exists in the much commercialized world of football.

Manchester United is a global brand. Of course it is. With sponsors that are willing to spend millions just to be associated with the Red Devils. American Automaker Chevrolet made headlines when it signed a $559M 7-year sponsorship with the club. As part of this association, several projects are being created – one of which is the arrival of Chevrolet FC – a global initiative which aims to bring Manchester United and football fans in general, to a single hub through “the power of football”.

In a bit to drive user generated content, Chevrolet FC asked hopeful film makers from around the world to capture their version of a “minute before the match”.

Out of the few video’s that currently exist, the one that caught the eye and would probably echo among fans especially in the developing and less developed regions, was shot in India. The filmmaker Rahil Patel and his brilliantly captured moments highlighted every fan’s biggest fear and how teamwork (power of football) helps fix the issue.

Check out the rest of the videos at https://www.chevroletfc.com/manchester-united

Quite a lot goes into making great content. It’s about the relevance, timing, and the storytelling and how it resonates with the audience – Chevrolet through their partnership with Manchester United, have managed to do this.


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      I think they will get there Samantha. People responsible for content creation need to be educated first.

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