Couple of facts if you are playing football with your friends: First: Make sure that you are selected or you select players that will make your life easier for the coming 15 – 30 – 45 – 90 minutes of game time.

The second fact: the need to look cool on the field and to stay away from any accessory that slows you down. Dry fit jerseys and shorts along with low cut socks and shoes that give you the ability to do all that you are capable of doing.

Talking about shoes, the trend today is moving towards the design, weight and its colorful attractiveness more so than comfort, not to say that they do not tend to be comfortable. Adidas and Nike have been the leaders in this category with the Predator’s and the Mercurial’s but the American giant’s latest innovation seems to take football boots to the next level. With their latest innovation being launched on March 6th, all eyes are on the “Magista” – the latest concept being a knit boot, sets to replace the much adored CTR360 prior to the World Cup.

Nike has not shied away from teasing us with the sentiments of several players that we adore. As part of the buildup, they had released a video featuring a very pixilated stealth like look at the new boot featuring Andres Iniesta, Mario Goetze, Thiago Silva, and Christian Eriksen, among others, praising the Magista. “Unbelievable,” “perfect,” and “futuristic,” were just few words that the footballers used to describe it.

Take a look at the teaser and see if this persuades you to keep an eye out for March 6th:

We will get back to on the look and feel of the shoe once we lay our hands on it.


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