It comes as no surprise that Bayern Munich, as a team, are an optimistic group. Strong performances have confirmed as much, suggesting that the players are enduring from what seems like an optimism overdose, one which links them to advantages. It helps them persevere in the face of any tough challenges, but with Pep in the picture, it can also lead them to take risks that include a touch of pure entertainment.

But what if this sort of optimism isn’t an overdose at all? What if Bayern simply hold more to what they have to offer and it would be the rest of us who put up with from a negativity bias?

In plain terms, the current playing style of the Die Bayern along with what’s visible on the table, suggests that the future is bright — but it is actually right. There is a sense of rationality on how they form their way of thinking, something that we see on the field. The thought of being favorites. The most humble of all managers existing today has admitted it.

“We accept Bayern are favorites, but I’m used to that.” Pep said

As a reminder, one may argue that excelling in Bundesliga may not yet be an exact measure of European dominance, but we have all passed that stage last season. Fans and players are once again more positive than others, with the latter consistently breaking the four goal barrier against opponents.

Perhaps, something to remember is that just because someone is optimistic, does not necessarily mean that they are too over their head. It is true that optimism can lead to downfall, but in terms of the Bayern Munich, their optimism has previously been justified.

The major challenge for Pep and his men would be on how long can they maintain this sense of optimism?

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