Chelsea - Jose Mourinho Press Conference

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has proved, yet again, that there is no manager existing in today’s world whose outspoken mind games tend to back fire.

To be honest, it was quite shocking for a manager of his caliber (in terms of his likeability by media) to speak disloyally of the very league that gave him a break (sort of).

Yes, we are aware of his emotions after a game is lost but he looked like a terrible loser after last night’s disappointing draw against West Ham. Kudos to the latter. It makes sense from a perspective, as he criticized West Ham’s tactics on the field, so he said a few things.

“This is not the best league in the world. This is football from the nineteenth century. Too bad. With my players, I’m happy. The second half was phenomenal.”

“Their goalkeeper saved a lot, but they had other players without gloves who saved a lot. They played with five defenders: they had more goalkeepers than defenders. They gave everything.”

“(They were) pretending injuries. Cheating… I don’t know if that’s the right word. The goalkeeper taking time not after minute 70, but in the first minute.”

“Ten defenders in the box, defenders not putting a foot outside the box. Very basic. But I’m nobody to criticise. They are happy.”

This coming from the same person, who is known to have gratified the league’s reputation at several occasions. Most recent being a few weeks ago documented in the Telegraph.

 “In England, you don’t do 100 points; you don’t score 125 goals unless Manchester City can do it this season. But normally the evolution of a player needs difficulty and the difficulties help the development of a player,” Mourinho said. “You reach your maximum with difficult situations. The big push comes. After that you have choices, stay in the most beautiful league to play or go where it is easier to succeed.”

The response of his compatriot Sam Allardyce to Mourinho’s finger pointing, couldn’t be any more classic.

“I don’t give a shite, to be honest. I love to see Chelsea players moaning at the referee, trying to intimidate him, Jose jumping up and down in his technical area. It’s great to see.

“He can’t take it can he. He can’t take it because we’ve out-tacticed him, out-witted him. He just can’t cope. He can tell me all he wants.”

Perhaps, Mourinho was ruing the sale of Mata who clearly put in a winning shift on his debut, or may be it was his support for Manchester City in the lead-up to their match against Tottenham Hotspurs; his remarkable post-match “total change of position” has somewhat generated a short term buzz in media.

Mourinho has already acknowledged that the title will likely be lifted by Manchester City, and many in England see him as the man who to stop Pellegrini’s impetus. Chelsea visit City on Monday in what is unquestionably an extremely anticipated game.

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