The man can retain possession in tight spaces, shift ball faster than you could sneeze, is the best defensive organizer Germany has got at the moment and could conduct a forward play at will.

He is of course a force of nature with incredible stamina. With him you will have a strong personality next to Valencia, Carrick, Kagawa, Januzaj, Cleverley and Fletcher.

So the question at the Manchester United’s top management is, why not spend money on Bastian Schweinsteiger and sweet talk Pep on selling him? Obviously, money is not an issue here.

Perception is fundamental. Across Europe, Manchester United’s rivals have remained quiet, making the club’s job seem a little complicated. If the club is truly interested in a player of the German’s value and reputation, then he should have been approached in the summer; not at end of an anxious and obvious series of shortcomings in the transfer market.


Manchester United has an appearance to preserve, and at this stage of the season based on their recent performances, with nine more days to go, the presumption is that they should confidently secure at least one of their midfield targets.

Or worst comes to worst, at least consider Juventus’s Arturo Vidal who basically justified his greatness to German publication Sport Bild recently stating:

“It’s simple: In my position I’m the best in the world,” further adding, “There are many players who try to play like me in that position, copying me a little bit.” (He was referring to Xavi and Iniesta here.)

“But I keep saying it, I’m the best in my position because no one can defend like me and score as many goals as I do.”


    • footynions Reply

      Loan option for a player like Bastian. Forget it. You either dish out huge sum of money to buy him or forget about him.

  1. good. He and Messi signing for United could help improve the team. Why not put in a bid to sign Ronaldo as well?

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