We do not hold conspiracy theories close, like the one about Howard Webb being Manchester United’s Best Player. In fact, we never do. But that’s not to say that we would be blind as to how the City’s offensive three are thoroughly taking apart opponents, especially in the last few games.

In July, amid a new beginning under recent hire Manuel Pellegrini, Stevan Jovetic became the aspirational club’s fourth signee for an amount which-does-not-sound-astronomical-anymore of £22m. Having lost a potent goal scorer in Tevez, his arrival at the Etihad seemed to be the perfect surrogate for the Argentinean. More so to a point where Negredo’s expected contribution to the club were under several imaginations. With Jovetic’s arrival, it was expected that the one element missing from this expensive group of acquired players; the element of scoring goals was taken care of. Well, the goals did come trickling in. Strangely from almost the entire team (that comprise the first team) except from Rodwell, Garcia, Zabaleta, Clichy, DeMichelis, Richards and Lescott. Of course, it’s a preposterous number of few given the depth of the squad and to compare the time spent on the field. Both Jovetic and Rodwell had been hampered with injuries since they made the switch. However, with word that the Montenegrin is back in the loop (training that is), there is something additional that City fans can look forward to.

He is still in trouble, primarily because the Aguero, Negredo and Dzeko are not showing any signs of slowing down in front of goal, but also because of the ever strengthening bond and understanding between the three and their midfield support. 49 goals in 74 games between the three is significant. Aguero’s stake in the list will remain indifferent as he leads the pack averaging a goal a game.

Right now, Jovetic’s time to assimilate with the team is passing by at a very fast rate. Every game that Jovetic misses, his chances of making it in first XI diminishes. Lack of playing means lack of opportunity and lost potential. It’s not as if Pellegrini is unaware of the matter; he has promised the man a fair chance to prove his worth. And his efforts towards having a healthy (mentally and physically) Jovetic suggest the same. But far more is needed.

Jovetic may well be relegated to the life at the bench because we cannot be concerned about his return to the field. The front three are doing what they are being paid millions to do; and that too – in a confident and convincing manner. Maybe it’s not a vice conspiracy belittling his chances of cracking the top three, because eventually one of them will fall but it is a conspiracy of apathy, which is just as bad.


  1. Jovetic is not an out and out striker he is more similar to Nasri and guess what?

    • footynions Reply

      True but the role he played as a striker or a second striker at Fiorentina and the goals he scored with the limited support system he had there suggested that he would take over EPL.

    • John Evans Reply

      Given his non appearance’s I would have said Jovetic is very much ‘out and out’.
      But fixture congestion, replays, injuries, suspensions will ensure he get’s his chances.

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