2014 will probably bring more political chaos, religious and racial persecution and more economic downturn. The rich will probably get richer and the poor – poorer. And there will likely be an increase in broken promises by the very people we look up to.

Football, as it always has, will flourish; under the influence of technology and assumptions of bureaucrats who believe they can beautify the game and make it simpler to us. New and ridiculous policies will be introduced and footballers will adorn footwear that will; further “lighten” the load and appear more vivid. Human touch to making the ball will be meager and kit makers will create jerseys that detect sweat before the player even knows it. Certain clubs, players and agents will bask in never ending cash flow and we will end up paying a few more dollars for their extravagance. Ultras will turn super ultras and every month a new “Messi”, who hasn’t hit puberty yet, will be bought by ruthless sides. Nations will compete with each other relentlessly, neglecting the social needs of its population, doing all things necessary till they win the opportunity to host various tournaments. Migrant workers will be just that – migrant workers. And then we have 32 teams battling it out in Brazil.

This should be an exciting time of the year for football fans. Unfortunately, nearly a span’s worth commercial football have left the traditional fan of the sport lethargic, jaded and disconnected; so much to the point that one would appreciate watching their local non-league football team with enthusiasm.

The question takes us to the very epitome of the game? How did it fall out of our hands, out of the hands of those, who would pay a nominal amount for tickets and pop to watch footballers battle it out in a way that characterizes them (be it physical or technical) without the stigma of financial benefits hovering over their heads to the hands of those who talk money? Yes, it is entertaining when Messi dribbles past 4/5 players or when Ronaldo pulls an outrageous move in a one-on-one situation, and 90% of the time that is all we look forward to.

There is a valid explanation to all this. It’s just that, no one has figured out what that actually is.

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