Another match-winning display, another feat achieved by Ronaldo. Last night’s extraordinary performance against Zlatan’s men could not have come at any better time than this. Both legs were always going to be labeled as Ibrahimovic versus Ronaldo. But it was latter who sent his country to Brazil.

No offense Zlatan, you were awesome too. The stunner which displaced the frontal lobe of Rui Patricio’s cerebral cortex, for a moment, justified his persona and classification as King Zlatan. However, it was the Portuguese who mesmerized. Absolutely magnificent with his movement, the first touch, the quick glance, and his finishing last night had all just been nothing less than extraordinary.

Zlatan realizes Ronaldo is actually a better player than him.
Zlatan realizes Ronaldo is actually a better player than him.

Swedish fans were shaking their heads in disbelief. The coach – Erik Hamren was shaking his; obviously he could not believe what his eyes just put him through. Even the lanky Swede himself was in awe of Ronaldo having acknowledged his feat after the hat-trick. This – coming from a player who once was cited as saying:

“As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he’s a privileged spectator, who only watches how Messi receives all his awards. He doesn’t deserve to be in the top three, there are at least ten people better than him.”

But this is why Ronaldo is, in all probability, one of the best players in today’s game.

And with a mere 30 + goals in all competitions including internationals this season, he has persistently proven his credentials; given that the man is considered to be the only competition Messi has presently.

We can clearly say here that Ronaldo is all deserving of a standing ovation and of course, the Ballon D Or.

For Christ sake, the man broke a kids hand and honored him right away. Ronaldo is worthy of all that we have to offer him. All hail Cristiano Ronaldo.

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  1. Zlatan was after all not applauding Ronaldo’s feat. Just mentioned that.

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