Everything about MLS is just getting crazier. 20 years since its birth, the league has managed to do everything that it could do to make things right.

Incredible fan based environment especially in the cities such as Seattle and Portland, beautiful grounds, talented players (both imports and domestic) and even acting as a platform for an exodus of players to top leagues around the world.

What’s even more intriguing is the level of game play in almost every game and watching something like the following is like when you unexpectedly get a change of heads for free while enjoying a pipe of grape mint. In a late game on Sunday night, Canadian based Vancouver Whitecaps were heading toward a pretty docile defeat to the Portland Timbers  when Brazilian Camilo da Silva Sanvezzo decided to do what Brazilians are born to do (from a football perspective) – entertain the crowd.

His strike on the 76th minute cut the Timber’s lead by a goal. Two minutes later, he does the outrageous. Absolutely majestic, thrilling, stunner, however you may refer to the emotions here, it definitely raised the house.

PS: Do concentrate on the intensity of the crowd here. Breathtaking.


  1. Jason Silla Reply

    Watched the game. Camilo is a poacher and has a knack for the goal. Believe he is second to Di Vaio in the top scorers list.

    • footynions Reply

      He is. At the age of 25, wouldn’t be surprised if Europe comes calling for him.

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