No one in Manchester is going to forget the 4 – 1 score line at the Etihad anytime soon. The aggression, the flamboyance, the movement, the goals and the hunger to want it more which is only reminiscent of a title ambitious team, will be fixed in our minds for quite some time, if not longer.

Considering the fact that six of the last seven meetings between the two at the Etihad had never seen more than two goals scored, the game was expected to drag on till a decider/game changer was scored. The man associated with decisive goals – Robin Van Persie could only watch from the stands as it came through on the 16th minute with a quarter of a volley from the weaker leg of Aguero – the masterminds being Nasri and Kolorov. Even Usain Bolt was surprised at the speed of it after a one-on-one training with the Kun.

The immediate thought was the game would open up. And so it did. With Nasri, Aguero, Negredo, Kompany and Toure looking in their best forms, three goals followed in close proximities to both ends of the halves. Nasri, for all the criticisms he faced in the related contest last season for dropping out of the way of Robin van Persie’s late free-kick which won the game for United, he could be seen covering both end of the grounds relentlessly, showcasing his uniqueness at occasions.

Though, United managed to complete 86% of their passes compared to City’s 81%, lapses in their proud defense cost them the derby with Rooney looking the most mature of all players on the pitch for the devils.

At first glance, it looks like Moyes is to be blamed. After all, the club’s need for defense and a midfield maestro cannot be overemphasized.

It was just a case of a very lazy performance from the Reds as they faced a very determined opposition. From the sluggish marking of Valencia and Vidic being manhandled by Negredo to Young losing the ball consistently, it was just not working.

Think about it. Even Kolarov was on fire. Kolarov, of all players.

However, we should not forget that Manchester United is not just any team; it is a team that carries its history along with them into every game they enter and is also a team where the Gods of good luck hover over with their blessings coming in the 90th minute. Hence, now we await the response of both teams on March 1st, 2014 as they battle it out at the stadium where dreams shatter for the opposition.

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