The first home game at the Emirates and the Arsenal faithful were all excited. Expecting to see their young guns put up a display they won’t be disappointed of.

Oliver Giroud scores in the sixth minute and the stadium comes alive. Everything goes according to plan and thoughts as such arise:

“We can do without experienced players”

Then appears the Belgian who, almost on the verge of leaving their opponents a few weeks ago, scores a couple to eventually help Aston Villa with a win on opening day.

The zeal of the crowd weakens and turns into resentment, to a point, that the faithful initiate a mantra to spend some f****** money.

Will Arsene and company oblige accordingly?

We will have to wait for a few weeks.


  1. Samuel Ramalim Reply

    I feel sad for Wenger actually. He is trying but no one wants to come.

  2. It’s tough being an Arsenal fan but I don’t think Arsene is at fault here. The fans need to be patient. He has always pulled us through.

    • footynions Reply

      Of course, Arsene is not at fault here. The man has done very well in making sure that Arsenal remain competitive considering the players and the experience he has to work with.

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