This season is going to be very interesting in the sense that there has been a complete overhaul in the decision makers or the key “manager” positions of the game.

Sir Alex Ferguson retired after 27 years, and no body really knows what to expect from the new man David Moyes, who has been quite impressive at a miserly funded Everton. While it has been so easy to take SAF, his recruitment and his tactics for granted, we all cannot be but in awe when remembering, most importantly, his result changing decisions during a match.

So while Mr. Moyes settles into his new office at The Theatre, one Mr. Mourinho has come back to the Blues quarters in London. The timing couldn’t be ideal. The last one to seriously test and outwit SAF, he wouldn’t be much more happier looking at the ‘mind game’ rookies that is the rest of the League managers.

Also taking the hot seat in the ‘noisy’ section is Señor Pellegrino. There had been quite a few influential signings and the release of Carloz Tevez (that Welcome to Manchester poster will have to be trashed now).

So the top three teams of the EPL will have three new managers (though the Chelsea supporters will argue that Jose has come back home).

With the sad announcement of the departure of Tito Vilanova, the top two teams in the Spanish League also has new managers. While Carlo Ancelotti has been very successful everywhere he has gone, we expect the same from him as the head of Real. But will he able to break the hegemony of Barcelona that Jose thought he broke but maybe he didn’t.

Pep moves to Bayern and Dortmund signs a few players this season. The biggest difficulty for Pep would be to improve on the best ever season for Bayern.

So there is a lot of uncertainty hovering around. It is an ideal opportunity for teams like Tottenham and Atlético Madrid to really push this season and take advantage of managers and teams settling down. With the signings to come which seems to be all linked to one another, one sell could lead to a few other and the mix becomes all the more interesting.


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