Wilfried Zaha will be looking to make an instant impact with Manchester United.

The trend of professional clubs moving for young players has increased over the years. The transfer season has not even got to full swing, yet we have seen the change of colors of Wilfried Zaha, Mario Gotze, Neymar, Luis Alberto along with the impending transfers of Thiago Alacantra and Isco, but the circus around all of this indicates a shift in perspective of transfer signings.

The huge amount of money involved in football these days, and the huge cost of getting skillful players and the economic conditions of most clubs which are usually ridden with debt has made the decision to sign potential players in their youth that much important. Even if Neymar was signed for 57 million Euros, Barcelona might be thinking that come four years he will be worth a 100. The press gives so much of main coverage to these transfers knowing well how important young signings are important both to the glory and the financial fortune of the clubs.

The financial-growth risk seems to be with young players who have not yet proved themselves on the bigger stage as most modern players who have proved their quality cannot yet guarantee the same form in new teams.

The Barcelona model of getting young players through their academies (for virtually what would be a pittance in modern football terms) and their super valuations later is being aped by everyone with clubs realizing the importance of academies. Season after season we will find younger players being thrown into the mix, in anticipation of both football and financial value growth that comes along with it. Managers everywhere are hoping these young players mature quick so that they become battle ready and do not wilt with the pressure of playing in a demanding sport where every minute action, move and tweet is being regularly scrutinized. With coming seasons we will find that the rush to sign young players will become a mud water struggle, and gone are the days when the rare whizkid got debuts when they were 18.


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