Though, the 1997 friendly tournament (Tournoi de France) held in France was a preparation for the World Cup going to be held in the nation the following year, and the Confederations Cup (or the Intercontinental Cup) existed in a different avatar, there was an idea that was born; the idea for us laymen all across the world to check the extent of preparations in the country that was going to organize the most prestigious tournament in FIFA’s calendar.

The Tournoi de France had that special Roberto Carlos free kick goal which had been a part of football montages ever since and warranted even a scientific explanation to the curvature of the path of the ball.

And ever since then the Confederations Cup has thrown in some good entertainment. The high quality of the cream of different confederations makes the tournament highly competitive; full of better matched team’s strength wise and a lot more open games. There is also an added incentive for the players to put in a performance owing to the viewership of the tournament as compared to putting in a performance in a friendly game.

I was thinking how to really up the value of the Confederations Cup. Let’s say if maybe the Confederations Cup winner is given a place in the World Cup then you will find continents taking their own Federation Cups more seriously. FIFA will have one more tournament, which because of its increased competitive nature and an alternate route to the World Cup, will get more people to watch the Confederations Cup and help them make more money.

But for now I have enjoyed how Neymar had crashed that opening goal against the net and hope this will be a promising dress rehearsal for next year.


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