It’s been a hectic weekend for Muslims all across the world. From the atrocious murder of Lee Rigby in London which put Muslims in the spotlight, yet again, to Burma coming up with a two child per family assigned to its low-income Muslim community, let’s admit it, not the best of times.

But on Sunday, the detestation of Muslims was visible at a sporting level.

As Celtic beat Hibernian FC in the Scottish Cup Final on Sunday, the high-light of the match was Celtic fans displaying an apparent pro-Islam banner. Obviously, this drew criticisms on Twitter primarily, from emotional but ignorant fans who illustrated their disgust towards the club and the religion.

Little did they know that there would be an illusion of sights here? It did not say “achill Islam CFC” but “achill island C.S.C”.

Courtesy of 101greatgoals. Can see where the banner could deceive your eyes.
Courtesy of 101greatgoals. Can see where the banner could deceive your eyes.

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It’s clearly an utter disgrace that they would use the death of a soldier and religion (considering the circumstances Islam exists within Western countries) to exhibit their loathing of Celtic. Just disgraceful.


  1. Jacky Rallis Reply

    Wasn’t surprised that these would come up. Must have been Rangers fans.

    • Can’t say if these are Rangers fans but just the fact that it came to their thoughts is just disgraceful.

  2. Faris Suleiman Reply

    The English have nothing else to do. They drink and get intoxicated, and as soon as they lose their common sense, they blurt out any crap that they are thinking about. As Jacky mentioned, no surprise at all.

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