Lewandowski manhandled Spanish power horses Real Madrid. Literally.
Lewandowski manhandled Spanish power horses Real Madrid. Literally.

What happened in Germany last week would have brought a lot of happiness to the bookmakers. The ring of sizeable money falling into their pockets would have been appealing. A lot of people lost out on their money. What was scripted in the end was a lot different to what people had expected.

Last year, a follower of the blog had asked, ‘which is the best league in the world’. I had mulled a lot about the question. The apparent popularity of the English Premier League had polarized my thoughts. But I was only too aware of what was happening in Germany. Firstly, that it was a profitable league which is a bit of an anomaly in football, all so often funded by accounts payable. Secondly, the clubs were not getting European results. Yes, there was Bayern, but Bayern wasn’t etching its name on the coveted trophy.

This season is putting rest to a lot of doubts. I know we are only half way through semi-finals but the performances by both the German teams have been almost perfect. Bayern was an impenetrable wall that fired. Borussia showed us how you can have balance free flowing football without really losing shape. While Tito is generally stoic, Jose really did not have any other option but to blame his own teams’ performance. The FIFA World XI had failed miserably. They were plummeted with clean good football. There was no an all-out attack or the soul sapping eleven behind the ball.

The crop of players plying their trades for the Germans, that had the games current cream on their back foot shows that it’s just not about the Messi’s and the Ronaldo’s and that there is potential in every league. It will indeed be a grand spectacle if Bayern line up against Dortmund in Wembley.


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