A footballer’s attempt at stupidity has never been appealing. However, this week had been marred with a few incidents that it would make one think.

Earlier this week in the well glorified game between Liverpool and Chelsea, Liverpool’s Suarez intentionally decided to nibble a chunk of flesh from Ivanovic’s arm, reminiscing what Mike Tyson had done to Evander Holyfield. What’s ironical here is the fact that Tyson endorsed/followed Suarez on Twitter after the incident.

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His actions this time drew condemnation from both supporters and the club officials, with few questioning his ability to represent the Kopp in the most esteemed manner that it deserves. The Player’s Football Association had also offered to provide the Uruguayan with anger management classes. Go figure.

Though Suarez’s action can be construed as unethical it cannot be compared to that of a player who punched a referee.  Top flight club – Persiwa Wamena’s Pieter Rumaropen, upset on the decision of the referee to hand the opposition a penalty kick with eight minutes remaining, ran up from behind and sucker punched him. This comes at a time when Indonesian football is going through a few rough patches.

And then to end the week on a bright note, Manchester United defender Patrice Evra milked the Suarez incident for all it was worth. That too, distinctively in a joy filled celebration after the club won its 20th title. He was seen holding an arm (in a prop form, of course) and taking a bite off of it. This initially drew in some laughs but coming to think of it, was wrong considering the enmity the two have.

Manchester United's Patrice Evra imitates Suarez's actions.
Manchester United’s Patrice Evra imitates Suarez’s actions.

The wicked sense of humor of these players is seemingly well known to all of us. At home, it might have its fans. But at a time when long lists of associations are critical of player actions on and off the pitch, the display from these players hardly help clean up their reputation. The only question is whether they are cleanly oblivious of it, or are they doing it on purpose?

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