A dejected Manchester City team aim to finish strong
A dejected Manchester City team aim to finish strong

The hard lesson most of us learn at some point in our lives is that sometimes you have to settle for second best. At times, the best, the trophy, is not in reach, so we grab what we can.

And yet in the case of Manchester City’s generous run as of late, all that it stands for rings empty. It comes up mournfully short, in my view, when its “well-meaning” neighbors in Manchester believe they have pulled off a great victory as they approach towards the twentieth.

That’s not to downplay the importance of the moment for City. Two recent games played with some valor, two men, manager Mancini and Argentinean Sergio Aguero, justify credit for keeping the clubs dignity alive, and the former more specifically, for facing his recent opponents with a tactical approach one would otherwise blame him for, if not for the win.

None of it might suggest that Mancini might after all be staying. But after yesterday’s game and the imminent chorus of the crowd cheering for Mancini, the conflicting thoughts of him remaining as the manager is raised.

Certainly, it has been a proud week and a half as City sets its eyes on solidifying their spot in next year’s Champions League. Yet, part of me wishes there was more to celebrate. 

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